Raffles Hotel, a Good Staycation Place for Your Leisure or Work

By | June 19, 2024


Raffles Hotel is a resort located at 1 Beach Rd, Singapore 189673. It is a strategic area that is near many public places. Many guests want a staycation there, because of the environment. Not only that, but some of the benefits below will make you understand why you have to try a holiday in this place. 

Beautiful Environment

A benefit when you stay in this hotel is the beautiful environment with stunning views. The circumstances around the resort look clean and beautiful, so it is suitable as a photo spot to take selfies to capture the moment of togetherness.

Outside the room, you can find a garden with shady trees, beautiful flowers, and green grass that is pleasing to the eye. In addition, there are also garden decorations such as lights, statues, and natural stones that are arranged in such a way to make it look attractive.

Whether you come to this resort for leisure or business, you will be happy. The atmosphere is warm for all guests. Not only is that the services marvelous too. So, you can work or get some entertaining access there. 

A Laundry Place

For those of you who stay at the resort due to busy work matters, Raffles has prepared laundry facilities. This facility can you use if you have a limited time to wash clothes due to a busy schedule.

When using this service, you can keep the clothes in the laundry bag located in the room closet. Prepare extra fees because the cost of this service is not included in the lodging charge.

Not only in-room facilities, but you can also enjoy available public facilities, one of which is a swimming pool. There is also a resort café that you can visit to taste a variety of delicious food and drink menus while relaxing.

What to do in This Hotel

The hotel resorts aim to provide physical comfort and psychology of the occupants, as well as maintained privacy. It can achieve by architectural completion of the design and separation activities and in the private and public zones.

First, tourist activities such as sleeping, bathing, resting, and so on in the bedroom that you do privately. Second, tourist leisure and relaxation activities such as swimming, enjoying the beach, and many other activities that can be done in public areas.

There are also some service activities in a resort-like Raffles HotelFor example, the activities of managers in charge of serving guests, activities administration, and many more. Not only that but there are also some service activities. 

That is activities carried out to fulfill guest needs, such as laundry services, food preparation, and others. The last one is supporting activities, including shopping facilities, money exchange, and so on.

Those are some reviews about the facilities and advantages of staying in Raffles Hotel. If you are traveling alone or with your family, you can book a room at this resort to save on your travel budget.

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