Porcelain Hotel Services That Will Make You Feel Comfortable

By | December 26, 2021

Porcelain Hotel is one of the best hotel choices in Singapore that many other visitors also recommend. Why is it a recommendation? One of the most satisfying aspects of this accommodation is the facilities. So, want to know what facilities they offer? Here is the review.

From the number of facilities they offer, we will start with hotel services. So, hotel services are divided into several parts that visitors can feel, which are as follows.

Multipurpose Room

As the name suggests, the multifunction room is the merging of rooms into one. With this one room, you can host various events, ranging from holding meetings, weddings, gatherings, banquets, and others.

Multipurpose rooms in Porcelain Hotel  are also divided into several types, such as meeting rooms, conference halls, and banquet halls. Now, because Porcelain is a star and classy hotel, the layout or design of the room is guaranteed to be neat and can meet the needs of the occupants of the room.

Check Out and Check In Express

If you often find it difficult to check out and check-in at hotels, now you don’t need to worry anymore. The receptionist from the hotel will faithfully help with fast and quality service, so there will no longer be such a thing as waiting for a long time.

Laundry Service

Laundry or laundry services are available in a friendly manner to serve your dressing needs. Quality has been guaranteed to be strictly maintained to maintain visitor loyalty and their trust in the hotel.

Goods Storage

Storage of goods turns out to be a facility that is no less important for you to use, you know. Why? Storage of goods in warehouses to keep them durable for further processing is indeed very useful so that the quality of goods is maintained.

Multi-Language Staff

The multilingual staff will certainly be very helpful when spending time on vacation in Singapore or lodging. Wherever you come from, the staff or reception service will be very helpful in providing information regarding the facilities and services of the hotel.

Nearby Facilities and Services

Not only coming from the hotel but there are also several nearby facilities that you can use to meet your needs. Want to know what it is? Here is the list.

  • ATM and Banking

ATM or banking can make it easier for you to make transactions or withdraw money, so there will be no more problems related to lack of funds while on vacation. The location is also not far from the hotel and easy for you to reach, even on foot.

  • Beauty Salon

Those of you who like to go on a staycation or vacation can also use this nearby facility, moreover, the services they offer are of very high quality. When it comes to price, keep adjusting to your order or request.

  • Gift Shop

Maybe you want to give a gift or a surprise to someone closest to you, just buy it through a gift shop. Well, no need to bother looking through Gmaps anymore because the location is not far from the hotel.

This Porcelain Hotel is indeed very suitable for you to make a staycation. Invite your family and friends to spend time together while on vacation.