4 Advantages That Can be Found in Global Sevilla, an International School in Jakarta

By | June 10, 2024

It cannot be denied that with the rapid development of technology, the field of education will also be better. In order to keep up with the fierce competition in the field of better quality education, international school in Jakarta have started to mushroom. Of the many choices, Global Sevilla shows several advantages that make it better than others. Here’s the review.

Here are some of Seville’s global advantages

1. Different Curriculum for Each Level of Education

It should be understood that each student’s age and learning ability will be different. In order to meet the maximum learning needs, Global Sevilla applies a different curriculum at each level of education. The IEYC or International Early Years Curriculum is given at the playgroup level, while the curriculum taken from Fieldwork Education UK is designed for Kindergarten level.

For the primary school itself, Global Sevilla uses the Cambridge Checkpoint curriculum, IPC from Fieldwork Education or the International primary curriculum. At the higher level (SMP) Cambridge Lower secondary checkpoints are given to grades 7 and 8. Global Sevilla also provides IGCSE curriculum that is applied to grade 9. For students in grades 11 – 12, the curriculum for international schools in Jakarta is Cambridge International USA and A level .

2. Prioritizing the Development of Student Characteristics

One of the plus points of this international school is the characteristic development approach. Global Sevilla not only prioritizes education but also character. This is supported to help students find potential, abilities, identity, and self-confidence. Which is then assisted by a mindfulness program to maintain student welfare and apply positive values.

3. Diverse Extra-Curricular

Extra-curricular is one of the education options outside formal education in schools. This activity is a solution to develop self-potential and also a way to show students talents, creativity and interests. In this regard, Global Sevilla provides various activities. Starting from extra-curricular sports, music, choir, ballet, taekwondo, and many others.

4. International Facilities

Good educational facilities are able to provide adequate facilities. Of course, Global Sevilla, which is one of the international schools in Jakarta, is full of qualified facilities. There are indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as a fitness center, basketball court, laboratory, to a playground provided to develop students’ social and sensory skills.

Of the four advantages that have been conveyed, it can be said that Global Sevilla is one of the many international schools that prioritizes student character. The use of a curriculum that is tailored to the age of the student, an approach that is specifically designed for character development, various extra-curricular activities, to classy facilities are also plus points that can be considered by parents.

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